What is the best way to overcome procrastination by Facebook posting?

This question came to me like three weeks ago from a faithful reader and theatrical impresario Robert E. I was going to answer it like a week ago but I went on  my greatzamboni facebook page to see how many likes I had then realized it was still 81 like it had been for a while- right then a pop-up ad came up for exotic salt which google knows I collect and so it shares this info with retailers like ExoticSalts.com and before I knew it I was back on  Russian-Bride-by mail site and then I fell asleep with my hand on the One Click Buying button for Amazon and so a week later I unfortunately had a Leafblower, a Nordictrac,  50 Shades of Grey and Jeep. What was your question?

No buddy, greatzamboni is just yanking your nads as the saying goes, I will answer you question promptly now.

The best way to overcome  procrastination by facebook posting is to do like greatzamboni and make facebook posting your work. Take this blog-please! Posting on facebook is just telling people how you’re feeling in hopes to be understood, to be felt. This is what Zamboni do here- this is what people need to do! It’s OK.

But, What are you procrastinating about doing? Work? Love? Facetime? Online poker?

Look at it this way, a few minutes of posting is like a rest for the brain. But if you find that you are chronically avoiding the same thing by your procrastinating- well then maybe you are not meant to do that thing at all. A man who procrastinates doing his menial cubicle job- maybe he should quit the job.

Think of  the things you would do if you had only a year left to live. Would you climb a mountain? Have a child? Write a book? Try to go on Jeopardy? Okay, so now you have that list- now guess what?

YOU ONLY HAVE YEAR LEFT! Can you guarantee I am wrong?


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