When did the 80’s really end?

Great question, from T. Boone, Newton Iowa.

Truly, the 80’s, the essence of that last gasp of culture, the last decade with it’s own look and unique feel, ended not just Dec 31st 1989, but the last gasp of that decade of over-symphonic emotion, and Romantic-emotionalism is music, hair, clothes and art, was the movie DAYS of THUNDER-

An underrated classic that sits proudly with Top Gun- plus John C. Reilly’s presence in the movie forsages his wondrous, Talladega Nights. And though the latter is an hysterical send up and satire of all things racing- recently seeing Days of Thunder for the first time made me miss a decade before irony. Before snark. When songs could have lyrics like “you must be my lucky star, cuz you shine for me wherever you are” and no one smirked. They danced.

So there is the moment when it all ended T. Boone. Let us hope our own kids get at least some of the sentiment (different from sentimentality)  we did back then.

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