“GZ, what is the next ‘big thing’?”

This question from Mr. R Dario and as sure as shit Zamboni will answer it now, pleasingly and accurately…

There are several things which together form a new wave of next big things Mr.Dario, and here they are:

Myspace: This will puncture a hole in the wobbly and balding tire that is facebook.

Anti-Dolphin and Pro-Dolphin eating movements: It turns out those smiles they have are evil and Dolphins regularly rape people and each other.

Eating Squirrel: As we look ever more for the cutting edge of free-range, locavorism, and organic, within twenty years no one will eat anything they did not kill in their own backyard. Raccoons make very good eating by the way so do not despair. here is handy guide for you to see. http://www.artofmanliness.com/2012/01/16/how-to-field-dress-a-squirrel/

Zombie Movies Which Show How Scary Humans are as Opposed to Zombies: We will start to see the Zombies and merely diseased victims of corporate pollution and victims of discrimination and predjudice.

Bro-Marriage: Straight guys will begin to marry in order to make hanging out with each other easier, like beer drinking and hunting. It will also be a more honest way of telling women, “I am not looking for something long-term, see, I am bro-hitched already”.

So there you have it, and Rob D I appreciate the question, and the questing… live in truth and Zamboni!

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