Zamboni where the hell have you been?

My friends where haven’t I been is more like it.

Some dark places. As some of you know I have 73 children sprouted up around the world- all who I love devotedly- if somewhat distractedly. One of my favorite of these 73, the one girl they call “Scoopneck”  but who was christened by myself and her mother as Sparrow MacCreedy-Zamboni, well she recently had her soul sucked away by a demonic succubus. I have been busily making tonics, spirits, kombuchas and spells to rid poor Sparrow of her daimonic posession. So far I have succeeded only is going through lots of bats wings, eyes of newts, frog toes, Sassafrass and Myrrh. But I am hopeful. Remember this is Zamboni talking, I have wrestled with the devil before. 

I am trying to become just a little more hopefull, so I have enough hope to add to my concoctions. Then, as the grizzled old chef my Estonian Army barracks used to say, “we’ll be cooking with gas.” 

So I hope to get back to answering questions- but you will be happy to know that I am busily preparing my next Happening- working title for this is  Great Zamboni at The Crossroads.

It will be a spectacular show, filled with magic, the blues, and as always the vast sea of knowledge that is Zamboni himself- me!

5 thoughts on “Zamboni where the hell have you been?

  1. Hang in there, Zambonesman! You’ll find the right batwing combo, I have faith. -JW

    On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 12:18 AM, greatzamboni

  2. Perhaps it is not possible to cure the teenage brain because it belongs to the teen? As the GZ knows, a few bat wings and cob webs never hurts. Hope is the magic. Your clever girl will cure herself, she just needs time.

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