“Zamboni what can you do about Syria?”

Wow- this is a big question. I Have been thinking about this. My friend Alex Jones, extreme talk radio personality says, “how can you embrace one liberty and not embrace them all?” How can we say we objected to Hitler gassing people and we don’t want to live in that world, but maybe a thousand or so people in Syria we can live with? We didn’t know them.

We believe in the freedom to marry  who you choose, live where you choose, be who you choose, but we don’t think everyone deserves that. Just us. Others may breathe poison gas, but that’s just rough luck. I don’t even know where Syria is, etc.

I know many will say, “Zamboni, get off your cereal box,  after all, what do you know since you were named after ice-grooming contraption?” But remember, when your head is as empty as mine in between the ears, I can feel very clearly which way the breeze is blowing.

What can Zamboni do? This is the answer: We need to make military action to defend people and restore order. I say this. Line up all Navy Seals and Army Rangers and say “who volunteers for this dangerous mission to get these bad guys who gas people? Raise your hand”. Trust me, many hands will be raised.

People ask, “but why does America always have to be the one?” etc..

Because leaders aren’t always choosing to be leaders. Like my friend Bill says, “some have greatness thrust upon them.”  China and Russia are not about leading spear of freedom. Ask my Uncle Smirnoff who lives in USSR before Glasnost. Peoples heads are looking at ground. I live here in America because here,  you look out into horizon, you look up into the sky.

Look, into Iraq we went to big war for shadows of weapons that were not there. Can we not take action when evidence is so clear?

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