What should we do about police brutality and racial profiling?

cant breathe

I have been puzzling over the death of Michael Brown, as well as the other tragic, stupid, avoidable events, and pondering mightily. Actually, “events” seems a strange way to refer to murders. They are murders.

If indeed they are “tragic”, then like true tragedy it leaves us stunned into silence. Zamboni is no politician, and frankly, I have hard time with these questions. Silence in this case is useless. Why is it so hard to talk of skin color?

To adress these issues let us embrace the following;

1. Bring back “Beat”cops. When cops had a “beat”, an area they walked around in and policed, they knew people. It’s harder to choke to death someone you know or you know their aunt. I would guess. Police are always in their cars these days.

2. Let’s act as if  it’s the most important thing in the world right now, and create and attend large protests, protesting that Black Lives Matter. The more it happens, the more we become both numbed and outraged. Paradox. Even Zamboni may get off the couch to this Saturday’s  protest in San Francisco. Yes there are many ills and evils in the world, but at this very time, today, this IS the number one- if only because momentum toward change is here.

3. Civil Disobedience. Do not use senseless violence to protest senseless violence.

4. Empathy. Last night Zamboni spoke to a policeman guarding a barricade. His job was to stand all night near a barricade, just in cast someone did something. He was there for 5,6 hours. Street was dark and quiet. It must be hard to be a cop these days, I said. He said they are trained professionals. They know how to react.  I’m not sure what he meant by that.  His tone was blase. We have to remember they are scared people. Perhaps more scared than most because they have to remain stoic as “trained professionals.”

5. Hey idiots- no more “Anarchy” Breaking windows at Trader Joes insn’t helping.

An injustice to one, is an injustice to all.


2 thoughts on “What should we do about police brutality and racial profiling?

  1. And there you are at the geographic center, around the corner from Trader Joe and across the Street from Police Hdq.

    Ho Hum

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