About the Zambonesman

Zamboni is an ageless knower and sharer of wisdom, a spirit who came to me out of the ether.   His role in life  -via his human vessel, me, actor Jordan Winer- is to help all mankind with their questions, great and small. From “what should I do with my life?” to “where’s the restroom?” A psychic he aint, but ask him a question anyway- what do ya got to lose? Click on any “leave a comment” or “comments” and please ask! Say anonymous if you like your name left out of response. Simply e-mail your question to me at hypedrama@aol.com and it will be answered on this site- enjoy!

My one rule is it should be something you truly wish and need to know, and something that google can’t answer.

22 thoughts on “About the Zambonesman

  1. It has been awhile since I have consulted your wisdom. In fact, I have been wandering about wisdomless (?) for months now…but that is another issue.
    Anywho, I now have a serious question- How does someone (me) get another person out of her head and consequently out of her life? The goal is to completely banish the other person from thought, night dreams, day dreams etc. Is there a way? Perhaps a wiccan like ceremony to cut the psychic ties? I am plagued and just want my otherwise happy life back without any interference from ghosts. Please advise.

  2. Do you know what is even more embarrassing then falling into a fountain?
    …..Thinking that the incident is worthy of clogging the court system.

    Friends don’t let friends walk and text.

    President of F A T T
    (Friends Against Thickheaded Texting)

  3. Hi Mr. Z,

    I saw your posting on A Continuous Lean, about a Treviso and Sons located in Richmond, CA. I did a search for it and couldn’t find it. Where exactly on San Pablo is it located.

    And thanks for the nice blog.


    1. Victor- so sorry I had one letter wrong, it is Traverso’s, 12557 San Pablo…Richmond ca, happy hunting and thanks for reading the blog.. don’t hesitate to submit a question..

  4. Dear Great Zamboni:

    How do we sell out every show? I know from experience that crowds of people will push against each other and even riot to see you in person. How can my theatre company achieve some measure of the same level of success?

    1. You came close to achieving this in last play- except the promised male member was not actually revealed— this dissappointed several people in audience..like Danny Scheie. But i will adress soon,

  5. I woke this morning to the cat attacking my toes. The sudden sharp pain reminded me that it was chore day. To take away the sting of hours filled with laundry and sweeping, I decided to pop on my shiny new Christmas I-pod. You know-it-all Gnomes, I TOO will whistle while I work. A fiesty, young gentleman who goes by the name “slim shady” was yelling in my ear. He seemed a little angry his words were: “You get one shot”….”opportunity knocks once in a life time” I was struck with sadness. Could it be true these things he says?? He seems so self assured…. Dear God, did I miss the knock? I knew immediatly this was a question for The Great Zamboni.

  6. p.s. After a trip to the bathroom and many thoughts later….I must admit- The Snow Queen’s brow is rumbled about being lumped into the category of “most women and goats.”

  7. Thank you Zamboni for sharing your wisdom. Although I must be honest with you and say that when I read your writings, something rather odd occurs. My spinal column starts to shake, my hands and feet grow cold (which could be just because I’m sitting in an unheated “sun” room on a cold Jan. night in New England) my pupils dialate like they did when I was a child and took my first trip to NYC. And my mouth opens ever so slightly, allowing hot air to escape into the cold room, which makes it look to my children as if I were smoking…..I have no idea why any of these reactions occur…..I think I will have a hot cup of chamomille tea now and rest my strange combination of weary head and yet renewed spirit. I signed up to receive more of your thoughts directly to my inbox….I think that is a good idea….I think. Anywho…Goodnight for now, thank you and if ever you should travel from Estonia to my part of the world, please stop by for a cup of tea.

    1. I’m loving your reply…. very much- this same process happen to most women and goats that confront the zamboni… if swelling persists longer than five hours, give up hope…
      May i print your reply in my blog sometime by the way???

      1. Hope is already gone…..”it bites you in the ass mostly”

        And yes, of course, publish away.

  8. My question is fairly broad, but it is this:
    When you are feeling down in the dumps, and have low self-esteem based on recent occurrences, how do you find the spark again to re-kindle a passion to go forward?

  9. Dear Mr. Zamboni, I think that your answer about failing as a parent was very wise so I want to hear what you have to say about this question- How should we as parents prepare for when our children move out? I have offered to follow my children wherever they go but that doesn’t go over so well. My parents made it clear that they wanted me out the minute I graduated from high school and that didn’t feel so good either.
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

  10. So, now you, yes YOU, may ask the great one a question, but I must warn you, for Zamboni to know the answer, it must be a real question that is important to you – not a smart allecky question to ha-ha trick zamboni like what is sqaure root of pi times 4555.66.77.

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