“Inspiration is for Amateurs”

This is the third moonshine revelation revealed to me. Thanks to the Great Spirits divined through the Pontiac Indian.

For too long we have thought as inspiration as the muse-given fire to spark the  creativity. The truth is, having the great flash of vision is the easy part- the hard part is getting up every morning to work on it. This is life. They say that bold acts of bravery are the easy part; the real heroism is just to get up and do the best you can each day with what you have, and who you have to do it with. Inspiration is a refridgerator full of wonderful foods with every condiment and salumi imaginable; making a sandwhich then is easy.

The real art is opening the barren fridge and figuring out something you can make with cocktail onions, cheese whiz and lard that will keep you going through the day.

Ever hear a success story that started with, “well, my childhood was easy, pleasant,  and my parents were always supporting me 100%…”

No, the doers work at it, or against it. Be a doer.

I 0nce spent every morning of two years being inspired and writing poems and plays and philosophical dialogues in the smoke filled cafes from Smyrna to Springfield; I have nothing interesting to show for it. Personally, I am sick of this blog that will not die and the writing of it has become sometimes like digging ditches, I fail to be inspired. I can’t go on, so I go on.

Yes of course, we need inspiration, the smiles and the sunsets, the laughter and art- but you still go out to the woodshed on your own, and must make.