Look Like…….looks

It is 1962 inside the Princeton Bric-a-Brac. One of these faces in its expression holds the key to unlock the most appropriate attitude to have toward life and all it may befall to you. Look closely, who is it?

Me, Zambonesman has often realized the truth in the saying,“if you look at anything long enough, it becomes interesting…”   There is one face here that grabbed me! That sees the moon within reach and the end of the world and the horrifying onset of casual friday and looks at life like the sublime joke that it is. Can you find him? Within a rotation of the earth I shall reveal whose face, but can you find? Can a face show that a man wears no socks?

No it is not the great Frank Deford, third from right, bottom.

Double click to enlarge- then seek! And tell me your guess in the comments..