Strange Things Zamboni has Not Seen

Your Country America is so weird and great, but strange!

Hardly ever seen a school being built- but so many condos!

Where are the cute baby pidgeons?

All your burgers you eat- why are not there cows everywhere?

These are mysteries for sure.

Some of your houses are so gigantic, are you having many children like 12 to fill them?

What do the people at google and twitter office actually do all day?

Where does all the old newspaper go?

Why do the homeless get all the leisure time and fresh air?

How can Starbucks never once make a bad drink of coffee?

I thank you, for I am a foriegner who loves America and is baffled.


3 Questions New: Easily Answered

These 3 real queries came from you audience, and I have spoke.

1) My brother is never returning my calls, what should I do?     Z: Stop calling over and over, its annoying.

2) What is the best place for a second date?                                   Z: Go-cart racing, super exciting and expensive!

3) Zamboni, what do you think of veganism?

Z: Easy! Two women loving each other, nothing wrong with that.

Hey, I wish they were all so simple. Remember folks my LIVE SHOW opens in one week!

Dont miss!

Beware, there is a lot of bumping, grinding, and intoxicating fumes. Okay?