Rain Cats and Dogs

I see you people have been duped by the devil into trying to stump me!!! sad for you because it is not possible and you may as well be trying to cry in a Steven Speelberg movie- it just is not feasable, like trying to get full eating sushi- it just is not going to  happen..

Susan from NOLA contributes this attempt to stum Zamboni:

How many times has it actually rained cats and dogs and what circumstances were credited for having brought each event into being?

On November 29th, 1929, in Hoboken new Jersey, it rained fully grown cats (mostly calico) and various kinds of dogs (pretty much just Basset Hounds) for approximately 33 minutes…

Due to the strangeness of this- several people of an apocalyptic pre-disposition began to think the world was ending. One of them was a stockbroker who panicked and sold everything. Others were influenced by him (and his insane ravings on the stock market floor did not help) and did the same, thus “Mauve Monday” happened and the next day, well as you know, the Stock Market crashed. And sadly ironically, many desperate men imitated the animals, flying out their windows…

Strangely too, as a puddendum, the cats and dogs all survived the fall and simply walked away.

To this day, cats hate water because it reminds them of being used as rain, and Basset hounds look excessively confused and befuddled – as if they’ve just been dropped from the sky..

Be at BAY- DEVIL!!!