“How you Do One Thing is how you Do Everything”

What more can I say- great Zamboni who is me finds myself saying this to many people over a course of a day.

Is true, no? The way you scramble an egg is the way you are a husband is the way you use a chainsaw is the way you clean the bathroom.

Take my mom-


No seriuously, the mother of Zamboni has 14 kids in all but you know when we needed a new pair of pants, she would crank up her shuttle loom, load it with hemp thread and start to weave, moving the warp and woof with the fourteen footpedals of  this strange contraption- and seven hours later we had a new tanktop or briefs, trousers or if we did our chores and cleaning the goat urine pails very thoroughly, she might make us an ascot, even.

And she is like this in life, always slow patient and deliberate with everything. It makes drivers following her crazy with the honking of the horn, but it also was a blassing as she would do very many things that required lots of patience like making homemade yogurt or rustic bread that had to rise many days before being baked.

So the next time you do something small, think about what it says about how you are doing the Big.

Enjoy and I am Zamboni saying, WTF< TGIF!