Great Zamboni’s New Year High Resolutions

1. Stop eating couch pizza for breakfast. (It’s so damn convenient!)

2. Call the Dalai Lama back.

3. Brush teeth more regularly.

4. Figure out if “one carry-on bag” means a carry-on  suitcase and  like a small satchel or backpack or just the one thing and not both.

5. Drink more yak milk.

6. Don’t wear so much aftershave the girl at the video store makes that weird face.

7. Don’t brag quite so much about never being wrong.

8. Visit Estonia.

9. Teach others to release the great Zamboni inside them.

10. Like Woody says, “keep the Hope machine running”.


Below are the resolutions of my old friend Woody Guthrie. We traveled the dust bowl together in your great country’s depression and he left this journal with me that has his resolutions. Enjoy and be inspired..

WoodyNYResolutions (1)