Like LL Cool J once said, “don’t call it a come back!…. i’m gonna knock you out, mama’s, gonna knock you out” (Zamboni’s Italics) And as Barry Manilow so cogently added, “I can’t smile without youuu..” and so I myself, the greatest and only Zamboni to ever have been spawned, return to you just in time, and thanks you all for your kind words. As the Scorpions summed up so well, “here I am, rock you like a hurricane”

On this day, Zamboni’s favorite American holiday. Zamboni is thankful for many things, including some thankgivings of the past.

-The one where the brother of Zamboni, not a seasoned gastronome, cooked a turkey without removing the little paper bag of guts and Zamboni was served this pouch alongside stuffing..Indeed a memory that is bittersweet like cranberry sauce since this brother has gone awol and cut Zamboni out, I wish him to find his path out of the woods.

-The one where college roomate of Zamboni takes pity on orphaned Zamb. and takes him to family’s house on Cape Cod and dinner is had in some esteemed colonial restaurant of New England and grey foggy walks along beach with no discernible end in sight. There were many black labs.

-The one where Zamboni and other brother performed “old man” by Neil Young- this the closest ever our family comes to the wonderful Partriges.

-The one where the man who became a grandfather to my son he never met teached Zamboni to fly cast in the driveway of mobile home in Redding, Ca.

Yet, most other of these turkey days I have spent in Estonia, looking for a bird large enough to bring these spirits back to me, and settling on entrapment of a hapless pigeon. The cavity of which, being very tiny, is anticlimactic and diffilcult to stuff.

Indeed, we are all very lucky, and me Zamboni personally, It is like I am living in a dream. My friend back home, Skitwald the Jumpy, fights with his ex-wife and yells at his children. Zamboni’s ex (I have more than Liz Taylor, but I mean the one who be-wombed my children) is a blessing and a friend (happy birthday!) for this I thanks the gods.

For my children also I am thanks. The one like a mighty lion who cries tears of joy at cliffhanging win over the Ducks- and the other who fights off a legion of demons  at every turn, and laughs at their vain attempts.

For my mom- Hi Mom!

and, For my fans and readers who without me are like a Cassandra without a Garmin on a cold lightless night on an unmarked highway- in the rain- I am too thanks to you all.

The historic day, i, Zamboni consulted an expert..