Zamboni TV is up!

Hello my people, I have been busy preparing for my live show opening July 14th in Berkeley Ca, and so I do things like this video below, thank you to Tizzy Wall and enjoy! Send me questions for next week installment..

first Zamboni webcast

good evening-

though I have no idea what it is, my new svengali/manager, the beautiful and quixotic Tizzy Wall says that now I must do a live question answering video-sort-of thingee for you, and I have no power to resist her as not only is she very smarter than Zamboni but she has hypnotizing power which must be from a wolf-paw that she has hidden on her person somewhere…

what are you thinkin’?

so if you would like to be the first question-asker who has a video made of me grappling with your query, then please, ask me a burning question that is burning for you and I just may choose it-

I cannot exist without you! enjoy the POWER