Thank you patience.

I have questions for you-

Did you know that everywhere you go there are people you have nothing in common with who are just like you?

Did you know the best place to be is sometimes right under your nose?

Did you know there are two Super 8Motels in Vegas and one has a pool and jacuzzi and one definitely does not have either of those but on Priceline they look pretty much the same?

where's the pool? here

Amber teaches me this, and Vegas.

Zamboni returns, 1o pounds heavier and not an ounce wiser- how could I be? Can George Clooney be any more like George Clooney? Is a wax horse going to melt in an oven?

Tomorrow the answer to the question question.

and I was here..but also right next door was a dive bar, swinging sharpies, sam cook, lindy and swing- in this place I have one of the most amazing nights of my life- if it glitters, it could be gold idiot!


A Great Question

This very meta question comes to Zamboni tonight from the one they call quizzically “K.Dub” from Hollister Ca.

“where-what-when does/did the word ‘question’ derive from?”

In order for me to answer this not only truthfully but correctly, I must go on a quest myself. To that end, I will be in Las Vegas for 72 hours hunting lizards and reading the way  the wind sifts through the sand.

In this I plainly read, "you will get lucky with a swarthy Brazilian named Consuela, and bet it all on Red 26" See?

When I return- you will have not only your answer- but a whole new way of living  life. Some things are better with waiting.

Zamboni better than google- Real!