Why did the chicken cross the road? -and why do we never tire of those chicken jokes?

This question, and its rejoinder, come from “Moon Unit” in Albany, Ca.

The first one is very easy. Chickens are very simple and have an inner monologue that consists of only these thoughts: “worms….worms…..seeds…..grubs……huh?… huh?…worms…..worms…..seeds-” you get the picture. So the chicken crossed the road not even knowing what a road is, but just aimlessly wandering looking for food.

The second question is the interesting one. Why do we keep caring about the pointless chicken? The jokes are never funny!

Zamboni has thought this over and arrived at this thought. We all wish we could be the chicken. We wish we could turn off our brains to such mindless thoughtless instinct as the chicken and not think about what we’re doing for even a second. Not many of us can achieve such rash thoughtlessness- save me, Zamboni, Dalai Llama and Tom Cruise. We tell the joke because we  think the chicken must have some reason, because we always do.

We envy the chicken, and make fun of him for that reason.