“Why do Men Just Like the Chase?”

This question came to Zamboni last night at my show at Noh Space in the beautiful city of San Francisco, coupled with a second question, “where do babies come from?”

As to the first question, it is a simple answer, but not easy to admit, as I am coming to this answer not just as the great Zambones but as a man, man.

With my big wooden stick, I spend much happy hours in the forest of Estonia hunting badger, squirrel, and chipmunk, honoring these animals by hunting with so difficult a method and eating all I kill. More than the taste of badger -kind of like chicken- I must admit it is the chase I love. Yes, I also love the chase, not just of the small furry ones, but also of romance and the women. Or men, Zamboni play National and American League.

To chase I follow them down their tunnels and through bowels of the earth quite epic no!?

Why is this? Men love the chase because it is our nature. It is in our nature to hunt and chase and pursue.You, the question asker, must remember this, and more importantly accept it. Do not ask of a scorpion to snuggle with you then be angered when it stings you, why? It is a scorpion; it is only doing what nature tells it to.

Men love the chase, accept this, and expect this. When and if you find one that also enjoys the minivan and the laundry, be that much more grateful for it. Also, give them a chase, a long chase- you can enjoy this too then!

Now the second question, about where babies are coming from:

The Chase.