Fuck that, “rest in peace” bullshit, MCA aint gonna rest boyyyyy..he’s been rocking so damn long, so damn long that I was fightin’ for my right to party freshman year o’ college in 1986 and fast forward to 2012 and I ask my son what he’s gonna be for Holloween and he says he and his best two homies are goin as the beastie boys and I cut him a big VW medallion out of cardboard  and spray paint that shit gold and and that’s two generations he’s passed the mic to so he aint gonna rest in peace..

he rocked in peace with some stone cold lampin’ straight up boddisatva vibe, he rapped in peace, he rapped for peace and most importantly he rocked the fuckin mic till his hair turned gray. literally and literarilly…

Adam Yauch of the raspy voice (it was always easy to tell him apart; Adam H and Mike D blend a bit) he’s comin to where he was from the get go, now we gotta let go

peace, but not too much yo’


I don’t know
Who does know
There is no 
Where to go