Am I on the right path?

This was asked to me by someone who name I forget, about seven months ago and I have been thinking about it ever since. I think I finally understand how to say in response.



(is pretty simple answer i know, but if you think it’s too pat, consider the story my grandfather told me about his grandfather Shluckman the Lost. Shluckman was quite honestly the village idiot is his small Estonian burg by the name of PRusszelbatxh. Shluckman had no job but to lie around and bask in the sun all day in the village square because that was as far as Shluckman’s skills could take him in this world. One day however, a new mayor of the town proclaimed, “Shluckman, you have to earn your keep, instead of just laying around in the sun and people feeding and clothing you out of pity, do some work! Take the turnips grown by the monks of the Abbey of St. Tweethle and sell them in the large towm of Klamask down the road.”

Now to all but the mayor, it was quite obvious that Shluckman the Lost would indeed find himself very lost trying to deliver these turnips to another location other that the town square. And sure enough, as he was leaving the familiar town, venturing into the woods, he was never seen again.

Until 33 years later. One crisp morning, a bearded, bedraggled man stumbled into town, who most obviously had been living on locusts and leaves for many a day. He was naked and very sunburned. The children ran screaming, but some of the older folk recognized, “Shluckman, you idiot! You have been lost for 33 years in the forests only because you could not find a town that is down the road! What do you have to say for yourself?”

To this this Shluckman merely replied. “What am I?”)

Though I have now confused myself, perhaps you see my point. Even if we go astray, get lost, get sidetracked, sooner or later when we do make it home, the longer we were away,

the newer and more wonderful our old place seems.

But if you really don’t like the path you’re on, don’t wast time talking to a great Zamboni who takes five month between blog posts- step off.