Clip from Zamboni Show, 2011

Herein I answer 3 questions from studio audience.. One about tennis, “Why is the backhand a weaker stroke?”,  one about Estonia Independance Day celebration, and one “why do people play golf?” To you people, put the mousie on that purple line below here and click!

Enjoy! And please hit the word “comment” below and ask me one of your own.

Audience Reacts to Zamboni

I want to thank the folks and Zamboni faithful that came out to see the show in San Francisco this past weekend. Though I have been to many places, Botswana, Lake Texoma, Walnut Creek and all the way to Modesto, like Tony Bennett said, I have left my heart in San Francisco, and  each time I come back to here I gain this heart again from you. My cutthroat managers from ICBM are currently arranging some new runs of show in the “Yay Area”, we shall keep you posted.

Among audience questions answered over the weekend:

*why is the backhand the weaker stroke in tennis?

*where does the wind come from?

*how do they celebrate independance day in Estonia?

Click below and see how audience members reacted to my show Saturday, Buna Zoi!!:

Zambones Video Archive, #1

In this time of needing much leadership to harness great democratic surge in Middle East, I offer this peace-themed video from Zamboni. It was answer to the question, why did Obama win Nobel?

Perhaps this is the year where he could really earn one of these, Zamboni prays for him and this. And I think best in the bathroom, that is why you see this my shower curtain.

Zambonesman Fields Common Type Question

I, the Zambonesman, am often asked, in some shape way or form, some version of the question,  “what the hell is going on with this guy/girl/husband/wife/yak that I am in love with,  and who does not do to me exactly like I wish her/him/yak to be doing- and how can I fix this man/woman/yak to be perfect love to me?”

This has been adressed by me already and so I post this veedeo from my archive for your endorsement. I hope it gives some thought and inspiration to you. And as you can see, since it take five minute for me to speak on this, I struggle with this subject myself…But the scenery and birdsound is nice because I was in Italy. Enjoy.