The End/The Beginning

It’s been a hell of a run folks- 3 years of great zamboni blogtastic musings, epiphanies and hokum. Originally I was only going to do it one year, then cash in for a lucrative book deal and move to Bakersfield to finally open up my taco truck/custom cowboy boot business. (be fitted for one of a kind Emu and Anaconda skin boots while eating al pastor)

That was three years ago this mOVEMBER.

I’m moving on to new adventures. Thank you for reading and asking questions and for your kind and thoughtful responses. Feel free to scroll back through the years, watch the videos, read old posts, even addc omment if you like.. and to find about where I am in the now and future, just hit up (or at the Even Keel cafe, in Maine.. the tiny box on the right)

where you can find me

as my old estonian uncle Lengua used to say, “you can teach a fish to polka, but he’s still going to need water”

Zamboni’s Tailgate Tour

Due to my, great zamboni’s, need to get out into the world and commit facetime with you my disciples, renegades, acolytes and electrolytes, I am jumping in the Silverado to take Zamboni back where he came from- the streets!

After truly rocking downtown Lafayette, Ca. last Sunday, I shall be on 4th street in Berkeley this sunday from 2 to 4, answering questions and kicking it like Messi. 

My answers will be free – but oh what they have cost me! And yes I will accept payment of a gratuitous nature in the form of cookies, espresso, flamethrowers and popcorn.

See you next Sunday!