Zamboni’s Tailgate Tour

Due to my, great zamboni’s, need to get out into the world and commit facetime with you my disciples, renegades, acolytes and electrolytes, I am jumping in the Silverado to take Zamboni back where he came from- the streets!

After truly rocking downtown Lafayette, Ca. last Sunday, I shall be on 4th street in Berkeley this sunday from 2 to 4, answering questions and kicking it like Messi. 

My answers will be free – but oh what they have cost me! And yes I will accept payment of a gratuitous nature in the form of cookies, espresso, flamethrowers and popcorn.

See you next Sunday!

One thought on “Zamboni’s Tailgate Tour

  1. Ah, the reason for a Pick-up begins to dawn on me.

    Perhaps you could set your old thrift store lounger in the truck bed.

    GO Get Em “Z”

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