Z is asked, “will there be room for Hope this year.”

This question come from Farah in Oakland and Zamboni thank her.

The answer is No.

Zamboni is puzzled by all this buttons and posters and car stickers with “Hope” he see in United America over the past few years, especially when this Obama run for King. What this word mean here  exactly? Americans love this word, but when I grow up in Estonia  this word dangerous. After a series of Eeastern Bloc orphanages, I was being raised by poor cheese farmers in small hut, sleeping in same bed with four brothers and twelve sisters. Occasionally I would mutter under my breath, “I hope one day to have a bed”,  and  then I am beaten with a sheep blatter and given extra chores. So my relation to this word is one that, though it be  a pretty thought,  it bite you in ass mostly.

No running water either, but it was home.

Emily Dickinson, who at one time was a lover of Zamboni (only in sexual sense) write once that “Hope is the thing with feathers.” People have taken this to mean that it is pretty little songbird. No. What she mean is, but this was edited out of  poem, “hope is the thing with feathers -which my cat catch- and eat- and leave carcass- on snowy ground to freeze.”

So, why does Zamboni say all this about your precious bird Hope?

Because with the room we have left in this crazy life, there are better things to fill it with than a dead bird which does nothing. Here is a list of ten things better than Hope:

1. Write someone a real letter, on paper, and tell them something true.

2. Ask someone to dinner.

3. Run four miles. Even two ok.

4. Vote.

5. Work for something you believe in.

6. Help someone, then help them again. Accept help as well.

7. Call your mother. Or your child. Or someone you lost touch with.

8. Buy a pair of expensive but very well made shoes. They last. Often can find cheap at Goodwill.

9. Do one creative thing, each day.

10. Love the one you’re with.

You see Farah, saying “I hope for,” is like saying, “someday I will,” which identical to “never”. There is only will and won’t.

To concluding; HOPE is a rotten tooth that is paining ourselves in the mouth. We think we must live with this tooth, because, well, we cannot pull our own tooth righht? We need miracle dentist or King to pull this “tooth”? No. Video below makes quite clear.

Pull the tooth out is easy. Hope not required. Zambonesman thanks you for this question and wishes you a year filled with action and intention, not feathers.