Russia back the fugazzi off Estonia!

It has come to my attention because I am Great Zamboni, seer and ultimate frisbee mystic soothsayer and tooth fairy and lastly but not leastly loyal patriotic Estonian ex-pat that Russia has been snooping about our borders and playing with idea of (ONCE AGAIN!!) invading and bothering us.

I can’t tell you how much this pisses me off. Hey Putin! Stay off of Estonia!

In the last century and and before this huge bully of a neighbor of ours has been periodically overtaking us until we had to stage a revolution (peaceful bitches!) to get them out finally …

I urge you all, my followers, to stay a breasts of this situation and to urge your congresspeople to stand WITH ESTONIA… remember it is very scary to have this power hungry corrupt government right next door.. I know we are far away from you, but please don’t forget us. Estonia gave you Skype! And great zamboni!

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