Zamboni Speaks due to Riots!

There’s an old saying my Finnish nanny used to say as I hid in fear of her under my bed: “you can run, and you can hide, but I’ll still find you and smack you with my fist”

It’s sort of like life, people. You can run from things, or hide your head like a turtle, but when you pop out, that imposing Finnish nanny is staring you square in the face.  The Nanny could be any number things, illness, worry, stress, and they don’t go away just by ignoring them. Nanny is life.

I realize my talk of retirement caused riots in Botswana, a dip in facebook stock price,  and egg shortages in Michigan. For this I am truly sorry. It was rash of me to think I could simply disappear from your life. Like Michael Corleone said, “Just when I got out,  they pull me back in.” And frankly, it is also Zamboni that misses you all, my idolators and electrolytes.

So though I am taking somewhat of a break, the nanny never takes a break, and so I am still with you.

Speaking of this nanny, whose name was Trinka- Though she was hard on me, she always dressed my wounds and sang  me to sleep. Finnish songs of ice and sea captains lost at sea. I remember one going like so:

sing cold wind, over the roiling sea

sing cold wind, over you and over me

Life will bruise you up a bit, but is always there to ice your concussions.

Be happy! -Zamboni

from Aldous Huxley

“Pity made him a knight errant. Love, he had then believed (for he was only twenty-two at the time, ardently pure, with the adolescent purity of sexual desires turned inside out , just down from Oxford and stuffed with poetry and the lubrications of philosophers and mystics), love was talk, love was spiritual communion and companionship. That was real love. The sexual business was only an irrelevancy- unavoidable…

from Point Counter Point

Good writing, perhaps this is an answer for a question of some kind- or just another Monday Non-Sequitar. Makes one think of being young, or rather the absolute impossibility of remembering what it was really like to be young.

mirror magritte

(for 10 zamboni-points, can anyone name the  movie in which the main character is a professor teaching this book?)