Zamboni is asked, “will we have a white Christmas this year?”

Though the jacket is white, this Christmas will be "Black". I like my festive Bowtie!

I thank you reader, Deirdre Nurre,  for the question. Here is being your answer. As always, forgive you my broken English, as I am of Estonia.

Once, stranded in the Tundra for nine days, after getting lost from a ice-sculpting workshop many years ago, in Zamboni’s youth. I spent perhaps too intimate a time with a reindeer. During this week while the flesh of this beast just barely kept me from the brink of Hypothermia, she revealed to me many secrets in return for me not eating her. These secrets involved Christmas. As I ate snow to stay alive, I became attuned through several hallucinations, to the spirit of this Holy Day.

The answer to your question is No.

This Christmas will be mostly Black. In several ways. First, economically. Many peoples will buy more things this year, making business books go in the “black”. We will do this not because we feeling economy recover, but only because, well, it will only be worse next year! So let me buy Uncle Bratislav this 50 dollar meat tenderizing wand, etc.

Second, racially. Thanks to Obama being president, Christmas is now less and less white, which is good. Less Bing Crosby, more Ray Charles. Now that the symbolic first family is mixed race (Michelle has Jewish relatives as well) we are embracing much more colorful elements in these days.

Thirdly- Mystically. Black is the color of night. Some might say of depression, sadness… and often the holidays induce these feelings. But remember, the beautiful Christmas lights of your tree, of the streets decorated, these only look so glimmering against the Blackness.

I wish you well.