Zamboni Remembers 9/11

I am Great Zamboni and I believe in America with all my heart. In what other country would I be allowed to roam freely showering my shocking wisdom upon people? Already my picture is in post offices all over Bulgaria and Mauritius for my rantings and my  spleen. In Welsh pubs  my face decorates dartboards.

In many countries, this freedom would not be there for me or you.

I once knew a Greek woman with crooked teeth who could light a coal fire with one hand, pour Jim Beam with the other all while making roast leg of lamb and writing a novel.    She told me of being a small child in Greece during World War II. When the American soldiers came through the children waved to them and smiled, as if they were gods walking. We have been heroes and saviors to so many, liberators too.

The American governmnt is like strange sort of boring and repetitive circus, often engineering terror- but the American people are as fine as they come.

Zamboni remembers and honors those Americans from 10 years ago. The fallen and the heroes.

Jon Stewart, 2001

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