Can men and women be friends?

This questions comes to zamboni from Pyrex Thrombosis (obviously fake!) who claims to be from a place called PooPootie Louisiana. Though his identitty seems questionable it  is  a frequent question which I the Zamboni field very much.


It’s really like an elephant befriending a rhino. At first of course it is exciting, “wow, you’re so much shorter than me and your johnson is three feet long, and you have armor plates on your ass!” And the rhino thinking, “wow, you can give yourself a shower! and your floppy ears are so totes lol!”

But soon the novelty starts to wear thin. Common interests, feelings, and experiences just aren’t there. Ultimately, it is our differences that attract us, but our similarities that make us stick. It starts to be like, “hey you’re so short, I can’t see you, what did you say?” and , “is that trunk sanitary, and is it a nose or a mouth?”

So truly Pyrex, the answer to your question, is No*.

They can be many things, man and woa-man: copains, compatriots, colleagues, co-conspirators, but not really friends.

hey, are things like.. weird between us?

*and yet, that 1 in 100 exception can be stronger than anything else. The exception proves the fool, as they say the saying goes.

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