Dear Zamboni: If life is so short, why do we do so many things that we don’t enjoy, and so few things we do?”

This question comes from Bert laBert, out of California, age 14 (the name is fake but the person is real)..

Dear Bert, most assuredly this is a good question. Already at your young age you have discovered the unfortunate truth that there is much bullshit in life and “dues to pay” and things you have to just “suck it up” for and do or “get over with” for some better sort of destination etc and carrot and stick and all the rest of this routine..

The sad truth is this:  life is suffering and bullshit, and anything we do that is enjoyable is just a freak occurrence and will surely soon be replaced by more suffering and bullshit and then death.

Just kidding! LOL (not the death part) Seriously, our failure is not in the things we do being good or bad, but more in our inability to enjoy these things. For instance, going to the DMV sucks balls, but with a cool magazine or Led Zeppelin on the “ipod” you can be chill at the DMV rocking out to When the Levee Breaks smiling happy because you are not at the dentist.

So my young friend, change your attitude when you can, but when you have to do things that are just unavoidable (study for a final exam that you won’t even remember in 10 years, take the SAT, get a TB test etc) one does just have to “suck it up.”

Do more things you enjoy. Now. Do not put off. Bottom line is, we can choose to do what we want, but often the cooler it is, the more bumps we must take on the way to it- life is just that way.

But DO! -Because when the Levee does breaks, you can’t take it with ya. -ZAMBONI is spake!

4 thoughts on “Dear Zamboni: If life is so short, why do we do so many things that we don’t enjoy, and so few things we do?”

  1. The Buddah says the first characteristic of existence is suffering. Another word for suffering is unsatisfactoriness, Dukkha. It keeps us restlessly searching ….for comfort. It goes from day to day frustration to moment to moment searching for a pleasant thought or a comfortable couch. If it’s unsatisfactory to spend a sunny Sunday studying for a final exam, we could trade it in for the unsatisfactory grade if we don’t. Hooray for choice.

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