Why Am I always disappointing people?

This question I was avoiding for long time because even it make Zamboni fidget. It come from “R” in Peru.

Personally, being Zamboni, I have never experienced this “disappointing people” because Zamboni is always filling people with wonder, shock, and awe-inspiration. So I consulted Jordan my lowly-worm human vessel, and he say he have much experience with this. So yes, even Zamboni need help to answer the tough questions.

He say almost everyday, even on the good days, he feel like he can be letting someone down. He say maybe his children, he was not patient enough, he forget to make breakfast, he forget to hug the boy or the girl. Or he say also there is usually a disappointing of the self, and that can be the worst kind. Like he didn’t get done what he wanted, he did not exercise, etc, blah blah Zzzzzzzzzz..Then I fell asleep into my bowl of flax gruel and Red Bull because he started to bore me. It sounded like a lot of what my great grandmother Shorty Smolenkovitz used to call “Whiney Doo Ha”. I slapped him twice in  face, dunked him and he felt so much better.

So my answer to you friend is this: You aren’t necessarily disappointing people, but you are feeling that you are. You can’t really get inside the head of another. Don’t spend valuable time obsessing over how others feel, you can’t control that. All you can do is minute to minute say, “what do I need to do in this situation? what is my job?” Then do it.

But if someone does say “you really disappointed me, you let me down..” just ask yourself honestly, “did I do wrong?” and if the answer comes out yes, don’t pull a Bill Clinton and deny it or say “what is your definition of ‘me'” Just own up and say, yes, I did let you down, and also myself, I won’t do that again…I am a heel, but won’t be one every day…

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