Zamboni Week Two Arrives

Hello friends, I am ready for week two and hope you are too.

The first weekend of my show went as smooth as, like we said back in our Estonian College days, “Epicak through a new Phi Delta pledge”. Yes there were some probing questions asked which challenged I, the Zamboni- “when will my pizza be ready” was a toughie for sure (“soon“) and also “Is Zamboni married” was crazy tough, I couldn’t remember! (“No sadly , I am married to this damn grind of world touring Zamboni!”) and I look forward to your queries this week.

See you at the theatre, bring seven friends, and drink lots of beer, it improves the show! But most of all, bring your burning questions.

Now before I leave you, I want to share something. A few months ago, I was in New Orleans, on Frenchman St at 3:00am.

far from being dead, the street teemed with light and life. There was a young woman dressed quaintly in white bucks and a colorful gypsy skirt, with cute librarian glasses. She had a sign on top of an old red Olivetti type writer, “poet for hire” I sat down next to her. She asked for a theme, and then she began tapping keys:


Splintering off

tiny wood

wants to be a tree

on its own

like a fractured light

let’s spread out

each of us on our own

one billionth direction

brightly believing

we’re going our own way

lets’s illuminate

the universe

be stars when we grow up

and pulsate

with joy

when we meet again and blend

pretending that

we’re not always

the same brilliant light

-Beatrice Bywater 4-6-12

Life- it requires your own brilliant light to work!

Bye fo now-see you at,  -Zamboni

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