When a team wins it all, why do its fans burn shit to the ground?

This question comes from Yannush Warrenski, a longtime reader and wearer of shoes.

You know, even Zamboni has marvelled at these shenanigans. I attended the Victory parade of Frisco Giantes in 2012 for winning of the “world” series (for which no Estonians were invited to compete!) and this is what happened: Instead of seeing happy children atop their parents shoulders, I saw people drinking bottles of Hennessey at 10am, looting of a cell phones accoutrement shop, and the beating of a business man by a group of thugs high on dope. Admittedly, even in my beloved Estonia, after a soccer match that went good for my team, I helped burn a 3000 year old village to the ground. It was in my youth, I was high on plum vodka, and I am ashamed, but at least now I understand why..

These things happen because deep in in the bowels of the human, are great violent and sacrificial needs that used to be met by religion and ritual, but now because religion and ritual have all but disappeared and/or have become very civilized, these urges come out from sport.

Juts read Herodotus’ histories. In it, he datails insane and common rituals of the ancient tribes that quite frequently involved lots of people clubbing themselves to death, and several people or even 50 getting sacrificed- yearly… Compared to this, a few burned police cars and broken bottles ain’t no big thang…

look at the nimrod making cell video- oy
look at the nimrod making cell video- oy

But why when the team wins, isn’t the winning happy-making? Yes, but we the people, in order to feel a part of the battle on the playing field -which we are denied- make crazy battle in the street to simulate…to feel..

There is your answer form Zamboni- enjoy and I predict the Ravens are winning the large bowl…

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