Where is my new boyfriend? I need him!!!

The above question comes from this professor of dance from the eastern seaboard, C.Fisher… She also adds the appendage to this query, “he better be good, like Benedict Cumberbatch”.

Dear C. Fisher- Your boyfriend is also waiting for you.

He’s actually in the Dunkin’ Donuts off Highway 95 in Newburyport, Mass right at this moment as we speak. He has just ordered a French Cruller (yet he pronounced it “crullah”) and a regular coffee. Unfortunately he will only be there for 5 minutes more- then he will go back out to his Ford F-150 and drive North (“Noth”) to York Beach Maine where he currently lives. He is a fireman by the way, is forty-five years old, has just begun wearing reading glasses in public, and knows how to make spaghetti for 10 people in under 19 minutes. He works out everyday and has a Masters Degree in French Literature (specializing in Camus and Verlaine) which he is only 8 units away from finishing and will get back to when he does early retirement at the age of 55.

Actually has terrible morning breath
Actually has terrible morning breath

He often spends long minutes gazing out the firehouse window thinking about you, only a sort of blurry and vague you because he has not met you yet of course. He looks and talks nothing like Benedict Cumberbatch but greatly enjoys the latter’s Sherlock Holmes  and will curl up in bed with you and watch all those episodes on Netflix with you as the rain beats down on the roof.

I can’t tell you his name. I know it of course,  I don’t want to make things too easy for you.

Now, the real question is, will you go after this love of your life, or will you stay in the dream world of the make-believe Cumberbatches? You see this is the quandry we all face with love. It is too tempting and easy to stare out the window creating the perfect mate in our mind’s eye. It gets so hard and messy, so to speak, when we get out there and search, and date, and meet, and fail fail fail. Oy.

Your boyfriend is out there. In fact, great zamboni has proven that there is not just ONE soul mate for each of us, but in fact 108.5 perfect soul mates we could groove with well..Here’s hoping you find a whole one and not the .8

Be well, do what you love, and above all trust Zamboni*

(*also use online Dating- I just saw the fireman go on OK cupid on his  i phone)

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