“O Zamboni, Will Israel and Palestinians ever make peace?”

This question has come to me via a person inside the new negotiations starting now with John Kerry leading the way. By the way, I love John Kerry’s profile!! OMG- I just love his profile, have you seen this? He is like Abe Lincoln’s brother and could easily go quite well on that Mt. Saint Rushmore you have in America West. He also looks like the old face in the mountain up in New Hampshire I discovered once while climbing up there- (but sadly that has since crumbled down). I think Kerry is good no# 2 choice -after Zamboni-, to lead these new new negotiations because this Israel-Palestinian problem has grown into some strange kind of fetish-obsession with people who have never set foot anywhere near those areas. Even a five year old will have opinion about this, and any cave dwelling hermit may even mumble “2 state solution” at you in reference to this. So it is only natural that Zamboni give truthful answer to this quandry which- alas- does affect real people, a lot of them. So here it is.


Now that you have my answer, look at these pictures–


same chin!!
same chin!!

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