2 New Questions

Hello friends, from tonight’s show, I the Zamboni answered many questions, these were two in case you were not there:

Q:Oh Zamboni, can people change?

A: No. 

Q:Oh Zamboni, what should one do when they turn 21?

A: Ah yes, a practical and interesting question. Go to a bar and get shitfaced with at least 8 drinks. This is for many reasons. You don’t want to be 4o and someone asks, “what did you do when you turned 21?” and you can’t really remember anything cool. Also, you want to exceed with excess.. the pain of the hangover will prevent you from over-indulging in the future. Milestones are important, turning 13, 16, 21, 40..50 etc..

Each one gets sweeter, because like my Grandmother Scretlana used to say when asked “how are you?”; she’d growl, chewing on her pipe, “not dead, thanks for asking.” You see? So go ahead, make a big deal out these things which are “arbitrary” or “random”… Yes, who the hell really knows when Christ was born, has anyone seen the birth certificate? But that doesn’t make Egg Nogg on Christmas any less tasty. Right?

Thank you to my audience, and here’s a review of the Zamboni show, playing till Aug 10th.


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